As a dynamic and eclectic company Lynx provides clients with services to address every need related to the entertainment industry and publishing for children.

Thanks to its expertise in animation production Lynx is able to provide support in character design, storytelling, story editing, artistic direction, storyboarding, and directing. Particular attention is also paid to Music as Lynx considers it a fundamental factor for a successful project.

In the publishing field Lynx provides support for writing, drawing, color, graphics and layout tasks to comics and fiction editors, thus covering a wide range of editorial activities and offering a complete editorial services for the production of book series, comic books and magazines.

Lynx’s internal department offers advice to authors and businesses for the development of their projects, supporting them in their quest for market shares and sponsoring theirs brands at international fairs and markets.
The Animation European Community, available on line at the, hosts all professional categories of the area, in order to create an active network encouraging the communication among authors, professionals and enterprises.
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Character design

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Background design

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Style guide

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Executive production

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